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Branding a small business

Teekultur (Tea Culture) Bayreuth is a small shop in the town center that carries over 400 different teas, tea accessories, and gift items. They do what Europeans do so brilliantly, which is combine the old with the new. Creaky old floors and antique armoires are offset by modern lighting and stylish merchandise. The shop exudes warmth and expertise. To do this store justice, the branding had to reflect this merging of the traditional with the modern. The logo is inspired by time-worn shipping crates that can be found in the shop. The faded printing on the crates evokes an image of windblown ships trading precious teas from India and China. Designed in an antique newspaper font and then distressed, the logo imitates the style of an old rubber stamp.

Modern still life photography – used for advertisements, signage and other marketing materials – adds a contemporary aspect. Images of people or even hands holding a cup of tea are left out intentionally. T'ien Yiheng, a Chinese author said, "One drinks tea to forget the noise of the world." This quote permeates all of Teekultur's branding exuding a sense of culture, relaxation, and well being.

Teekultur Bayreuth is a great example of a successful re-branding and how much of a difference good visual branding and advertising can make. The re-branding contributed directly to increased customer traffic and sales.

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